Goal Setting 101


2018 has come and gone and now it’s time to sit back and reflect on your accomplishments. Did you reach your goals? How did your 2018 Resolutions come along? With only 20% of Resolutions making it passed February; where did you fall on that statistic? Whether you accomplished your goals or fell short; we’re here to give you some tips to sticking to your 2019 goals, So pull out your pen and paper, take some notes, & welcome to Goal Setting 101.

Tip #1 - Find Your Anchor

So, the New Year is coming and you’re trying to think of your goal(s), but where do you start? Remember our entry about the “Why Game”? if you missed it, Don’t worry, here it is. before you plan out your year of goals, you need to make sure you find your anchor. for every goal you set, there needs to be an anchor attached to it that will help keep you going when you want to quit or it gets tough. as for what that anchor is; it’s completely up to you…

Tip #2- be a realist

when it comes to goal setting, some people get a little too carried away or “ambitious”. now, don’t confuse this with me doubting your capabilities because when it comes to dreams and goals; i’ll be the first to support and have your back no matter what. i think you need to dream big, but from a realistic space. for example, if your goal is to make a million dollars in 2019, but you are flipping burgers at mc d’s; you may need to go back to the drawing board. a more realistic goal could look something like this;

2019 Goal - Increase CURRENT income by 30%

  • Make $15, 000 from Mc D’s

  • Build social networking business to increase income by $200/month

  • Invest 5% of income each month into stock

make sense? then the next year you can build off this 2019 goal; moving you closer to the main goal of 1 million dollars. in other words, you made an end goal and then broke it into yearly/macrocycles to get there. Which leads us right into tip #3.

Tip #3- map your journey

ok, so now that you have your goals set and anchors ready; its’ time to map! you can’t just “set a goal” and then do 0 mapping or planning. that’s not goal setting. all that is doing is saying you want something in 2019. the first step is to set your end date or when you will have accomplished your goal. this can be the full 12 months or just 2 months. once you have your end date, all you need to do is work backwards. by working backwards it will make this big scary goal seem a lot more manageable because it’s broken into smaller pieces.

from your 12 month or macrocycle goal you’ll break it into quarterly (mesocycle) goal(s), then monthly (microcycle) goal(s), and lastly weekly goal(s). For example, 2019 goal is to lose 60 pounds, quarter 1 goal is to lose 15 pounds, monthly goal is to lose 5 pounds, weekly goal is to lose 1.25 pounds. Now, when you say “My goal is to lose 1.25 pounds this week.” it seems a lot easier than if you were to wake up january 1st and say “Alright, time to lsoe 60 f****** pounds.”

along with planning ahead and working backwards you need to make sure that you’re tracking your progress every week. Tracking will help make sure that you are moving in the right direction and when you hit each goal, it’ll release a little bit of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, which can help re-motivate you into the next week of goals. IF YOU’RE GOAL IS LOSING WEIGHT THEN DO WEEKLY CHECK-INS WITH YOURSELF OR TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR CURRENT PHYSIQUE EACH MONTH SO THAT YOU CAN COMPARE TO THE MONTH BEFORE. or YOU CAN DO SOME BODY FAT TESTING to get a detailed breakdown of what you’re losing/gaining.

tip #4- help yourself

Ok, so you have your year mapped out and you’re almost ready to go; the next thing you should do is help yourself out. make reaching that specific goal as easy as possible. this can come from changing your environment, seeing something that reminds you daily, or even just planning out your days. if your goal is to lose weight you probably don’t want all that junk food in the house. if your goal is to save money, then freeze your credit cards so you don’t spend money on useless things. when i was prepping for my first physique show; i set a picture of steve cook and other mens physique athletes as my phone background so that every time i looked down, i would see what my end goal was and it would help me turn down that delicious cupcake.

Whatever is going to motivate or help you; do it! it doesn’t matter what other people think or say about it because this isn’t their journey; it’s yours. overtime these small changes to your day/environment will turn into habits, which then makes reaching goals that much easier.

tip #5- no excuses!

now tip #5 is probably on eof the most important when it comes to goal-setting. when you set a goal, you need to realize that you are making a promise with the most important person in your life (even more important than your best friend susan). you’re making a promise to yourself. because you are what matters, you need to make sure you don’t let anyone or anything get in your way; including yourself. you need to plan on having some struggles in reaching your goal. it might be hard to cut back on your daily soda. it may be hard to say no to that new louis vutton bag. it may be hard to change these habits that you’ve developed over the years, but don’t forget why you started this journey. think back to your anchor.

when it comes to bettering yourself there can be NO excuses. who cares if you’re craving a candy bar or don’t feel like training today; your goal sure as hell doesn’t!

now that you have some different tools to help you reach your goal; get out there and kill it! don’t forget you have your A.W.A.Y ‘OHANA IN YOUR CORNER SUPPORTING YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

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