It's All About Balance

Paleo. Ketogenic. Organic. Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig. South Beach Diet. Mediterranean Diet. IIFYM. Vegetarian. Nutri-System… Pretty sure you get the picture by now; these are all popular diets that have been around for a while now or have recently become popular over the last decade or so (and this is just a small list). Now, when you first think of these you probably think of how they’re all different whether through macro percentages or what you are or aren’t “allowed” to eat. you may even think about the die-hard zealots, who border cult-like, ranting about their way being “the best”, but is one really better than the other? Is there one diet that surpasses them all?…. The answer: Yes…and no. Before you roll your eyes and throw up the middle finger, let me explain:

First let’s talk the “yes”, which is actually the easy part of the answer. The best diet out there is the one that you can stick with and enjoy (as much as you can during a diet) while living a happy and healthy life. If cutting out carbs makes you happy, then by God cut them out! If eating nothing but vegetables is your go-to, then do it. But if you’re “diet” is turning you into a crazed murderer because you can’t stick to it or enjoy certain foods; then you should probably try something else. Want to know what The best diet for YOU is? It’s the one that doesn’t seem like a diet at all! It’s the diet that fulfills your nutritional needs while helping you recover, train, function, AND achieve the results you want. Mind. blown.

Now, it’s time to talk about the “no”. Why isn’t there a diet that works better than the rest? Well, because no matter how different these diets seem, they have one thing in common; negative energy balance. This is the relationship between the calories (energy) you take in to the calories you use on a daily or weekly basis. at the end of the day, the random diets popping up everywhere just cause a negative energy balance; which in turn causes weight loss. if you eat less calories than you use on a daily basis you will lose weight. And do you want to know a fun fact about this rule? there is no way around it; if you don’t eat enough that scale will change! Oh, what about your friend Susan who has been only eating 1,000 calories for two months now and has gained weight? no Susan isn’t some mystical creature defying the laws of science. She probably just doesn’t understand everything that goes into this simple, yet complicated law. Does she know what her base metabolic rate is? What about the thermic effect of food? is she keeping track of neat and physical activity? what do her cortisol levels look like? These are just a few of the underlying factors you need to account for when it comes to energy balance. Want to learn more about weight loss and all the factors that play into it? Check back next week when we cover everything from metabolism & hormones to the thermic effect of food and other energy balance scenarios!

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