Protein: More than Muscles

Everyone knows protein builds muscles, but what EXACTLY is it? Well, to give a quick and easy chemistry lesson, protein is made from carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. The smallest unit of protein are amino acids (which we will talk about another time). These amino acids can come together to form different “combos”, which then make up the bodies different proteins. For example one “combo” is used for muscle protein, while another “combo” is used in the protein that makes up the lens of our eyes.

Now, what else do these bad boys do other than help with the gainz? For starters they:

  • Synthesize enzymes, hormones, & peptides

  • Build anti-bodies

  • Help maintain fluid/electrolyte balance

  • Helps with satiety (feeling full)

  • Can provide energy in some cases (only about 5% though)

As you can see, there are a lot of other things protein is needed for in the body besides building and repairing muscle. To be sure you’re getting adequate protein numbers, we recommend shooting for 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. Remember, just because you’re not deficient in a certain macro or micro; won’t necessarily mean you’re getting optimal amounts to help prevent excess protein turnover or other negative changes!

Fun fact: Our Bodies can store excess amounts of fat and carbohydrates, but we can’t store protein the same way. the body is always losing different levels of aminos (proteins), so we need to make sure we get enough in our diet to keep up with protein synthesis (rebuilding) and protein breakdown (protein turnover.)

What this means? Eating excess protein is most likely not the culprit to excess body fat! It may affect our fat oxidation and carb stores, which may cause those macros to be stored as fat, but not protein.


If you aren’t a big meat eater, get to busy and forget about eating (don’t understand this one), or are an athlete looking to build and recover faster; then adding a high-quality protein powder to your regimen can be a life saver. We highly-recommend SURGE Supplements Active Whey because it tastes great, mixes easy (no clumps), is vegan friendly, and has no added preservatives or other B.S.

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