What's your ANCHOR?

"I want to lose weight." "I want to have more muscles." "I want to look good on the beach this summer.".... We've all heard these and many more reasons as to why our friends, family, strangers, and even we start a new diet or training program. The problem is that these don't motivate us enough to really make a long-term change. They sound good at the time and they might be an added perk to beginning a health journey, but they aren't the real why.

Try this; think of your fitness goal. Got it in your head? Good. Now, ask yourself why is that your goal. Repeat this process 4-5 times and at the end you probably have a deeper reasoning behind your goal that you may not have even realized. I worked with a client once, we'll call him Frank. Frank came to me initially saying he just wanted to "lose his gut." GREAT! I can definitely help Frank with that, but I want to know more about what drives him. I want to know, what I like to call, his Anchor, his why. When I first asked Frank what his Anchor would be when things got tough, he responded "Well once I get going I'll be good and typically don't fall off the wagon." Great job Frank, but I'm calling B.S. (sorry not sorry) I want MORE! So, I started the Why Game and it ended like this:

Me- "So, why do you want to lose your gut?"

Frank- "It gets in the way and makes my life harder."

Me- "Why does it make your life harder?"

Frank- "Well, anytime I want to do something physical with my family like hike or even just go on walk; I get out of breath and tired faster than I really should."

Me- "And why is that a problem?"

Frank- "Because doing that type of stuff is fun for our family because it gives us quality time, especially with the kids." (Great, we're getting somewhere)

Me- "Why is that important to you?" I know this question may seem  kind of dumb and "obvious", but in this profession you can't assume you know your clients and their why. It also means more when they discover it or figure it out on their own.

Frank- "My kids are getting older and will soon be going to college and out on their own before I know it, so I want to be here to take care of them and spend as much time with them as possible. I love my family."

BAM, there we go! Frank went from just wanting to lose his gut to wanting to be around as long as possible for his family. It didn't take a therapy session or any magic formula to figure this out either. It was the power of why.

So, I'm going to challenge you, find your why. Find your Anchor; that one thing (or multiple things) that really drives you to reach your goals no matter how hard they get or far away they may seem. Once you have your Anchor, nothing can hold you back.

Micah WorrellComment